Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The skies open up...

It's been a while!  I did my big ride (big to me) and just disappear.  Well, I have been riding, but no big rides,  and my spring quarter MBA program was a little more work than I expected, so I took a little hiatus from the blog.  Now that the quarter is done from school and I have the summer off, I plan to ride more and get into longer rides.

My goal is to do a 50 miler in September before I start the fall quarter at Seattle University.  So I plan to continue to ride and build towards the 50 miler.  I plan to ride from Marymoor Park in Redmond, along the Sammamish River Trail to the Burk Gilman Trail and end up at Gasworks Park in Seattle.  That is a little over 25 miles, so they I will ride back.  It is pretty flat and a good ride.  I used to do that ride when I was in college for fun.

So, like I said, I have been riding, but mostly shorter rides around my neighborhood.  There are a couple parks near me and I can take a relatively short ride and still get a workout from the hills and pushing my big body up them!  When I left work today, it was sunny and a lot warmer than I expected.  I got home around 5pm and decided I would do one of my short rides.  The plan was a route that is a little less than two miles, but has a couple nice hills.  I rode to one of the parks and started a long hill, when....   thunder cracked out and the wind hit the woods I was riding in with a wave of sound, wind and rain hitting the trees.  I was not at all prepared for rain, so I found a trail that would get me home a little quicker and, I believe, a little less wet.  I am a fair weathered rider after all.  Don't know where that rain came from all of a sudden, oh well.

I will try to post more, I was a little disappointing weighing myself, I gained a few pounds back (actually 4.5 lbs) of the 17 I had lost.  I will have to pick it up.  I was easy not to ride when I was busy with school, however that is precisely why I should have been riding.  It is a good stress reliever!

Until next time, ride on!!