Sunday, April 7, 2013

Craigs List Find

My son is off to school at Montana Tech.  One of the reasons he wanted to go to that school is because of the proximity to the great outdoors.  Skiing, biking, rifle shooting, etc.  Yes, they even let them bring rifles to school, provided they are locked up at a secure facility in the dorm and not kept in their rooms.  Ok, getting a little off track.  Anyway, he brought his Trek mountain bike to school with him.  Despite locking it securely, someone managed to cut the lock and steal his bike.  He is still off at school, but my wife got a great deal on a Novara (REI) Brand mountain bike off of Craig's list.  Only $150 for a bike that was only ridden a few times (and it looks it) and is worth considerably more.  It is by no means a high end bike, but it has decent components.  He can ride it over the summer and if he wants to take it to school with him, it only cost $150 if it gets stolen.  The guy even threw in a bike helmet since he didn't need it.  Got the bike for his wife, who got pregnant and stopped riding after only a few ride, and now has to move for a job, so we got lucky.  I may have to try it out for a while. ;)